Video Game Developers and Nicotine

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Video Game Developers and Nicotine

It is fair to say that game development is a high stress job. For some of the most popular titles staff members may be forced to work over time so that it can meet the deadline date. With such a big workload it is common for developers to feel stressed out. This can be managed with nicotine products.


Most gaming companies will not allow smoking on-site. On the other hand they might be more open to employees using the Zyn nicotine pouches available from Northerner. These comfortable all white pouches can easily fit into the developer’s pocket. During a particularly tense day they could take it out and place the product under their lip. It could also be used as a reward for completing a particular goal. Every game coder will have their own preferences when it comes to nicotine flavour. Zyn has plenty of different ones to enjoy.