Vaping While Playing Video Games

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Vaping While Playing Video Games

Vaping and gaming are intertwined. Many Gen Zers today will always have a vaporizer within reach while playing video games. In addition, vaping provides gamers with an unlimited supply of nicotine while gaming, further accentuating the experience. The question of which vaporizer is the best for gamers is a subject of debate. Well, it all depends on various factors.

On Demand or Session Vaporizer?

Some gamers take specific vaping breaks, while others vape throughout the entire session. And this decision is primarily influenced by the nature of the games they play. If the video game allows you to pause the action and take some quick hits, you can always get fired up by an “on-demand vaporizer.” This class of vaporizers allows you to start and end your vaping sessions instantly.

What about online gaming? While online gamers can use an on-demand vaporizer, session vaporizers need time to heat up and cook. Session vaporizers promise strong hits, however, they could be less efficient for a gamer serving ‘two masters.’

Gamers ‘Favourite’ Vape – Elf Bar 600

Most gamers recommend on-demand vaporizers. And the Elf Bar 600 is undoubtedly the perfect fit for Gen Z players. This prefilled vape is more compact than most traditional e-cigarettes and provides gamers with a hassle-free vaping experience. Better yet, the Elf Bar’s inhale activation feature means players are not bothered by menus or buttons while taking their nicotine hits.

Also, the Elf contains nic-salt e-liquids that allow for smooth and fast absorption, satisfying your cravings fast. Additionally, Elf bars come in various flavours, meaning there is something for everyone.